What do opossums eat ?

Despite the fact that opossums are carnivorous by classification because of their teeth, they are almost omnivorous. First of all they are scavengers and feed on carrion. These animals also eat insects like cicadas, frogs, birds, snakes, various kinds of fruits, earthworms and even the remains of other animals that died on the track.

The animal has a number of natural enemies in its environment: these are birds of prey, such as owls and eagles, as well as foxes, dogs, cats. People hunt them for meat. Many animals die on the road during hunting. These animals are part of the ecosystem, the terrestrial food chain. Consuming insects, fruits, small animals and other products, they themselves are food for coyotes, foxes, snakes and birds of prey.

Opossums, as a rule, lead a nomadic way of life, remaining in one area, while food and water are easily accessible. Although they temporarily occupy abandoned burrows or nests, they do not dig themselves and do not make efforts to build a house. They prefer dark, safe places, under the ground or in thickets. As stated above, adult animals do not hang on the tail, but the cubs can hang upside down. Chain tails are not strong enough to support the weight of an adult beast, although they often serve as a support and fifth limb when climbing, and are also used to ligate the leaves in the nest.