What do pandas eat other than bamboo ?

Let’s try to answer to the question ” What do pandas eat other than bamboo ?”. Known that pandas occasionally eat eggs, small birds, small animals and some insects, as well as carrion along with their bamboo diet. Animal food for pandas is an essential source of protein. If in any place after the flowering all the bamboo dies, then the pandas living there are threatened with death from hunger (such cases were noted in 1975 and 1983).

In spite of the fact that pandas belong to the order of predators, in fact they eat only bamboo. On the day an adult panda eats up to 30 kg of bamboo and shoots. To protect against bamboo chips, the esophagus and stomach are lined with a thick layer of elastic mucous tissue. To feed pandas in the zoo created a special “cookie” made of pressed bamboo fibers. Strictly speaking, like many animals, pandas are omnivorous.

The range of males is wider than that of females, which choose high-mountain forests on steep slopes that provide the best shelter for the birth of children in bamboo thickets . In the summer, pandas climb up to 4000 meters to avoid high temperatures.

Panda is active throughout the year, does not fall into winter hibernation.