What do rabbits symbolize ?

The rabbit was a symbolic beast of the fourth sign of the zodiac, which corresponded to approximately Pisces, the element of the sign is Forest and accordingly the color is green.

In ancient China, the Rabbit is a lunar animal. Like the hare, he lives on the moon and is associated with all sorts of moon goddesses and Mother Earth.

In the Aztec symbolism, the Moon is a rabbit or a hare. In China, the figures of white rabbits were made for the festival of the moon.

In the Indians on the wooded eastern coast of America, a rabbit or a hare is a fairy-tale cunning. It also symbolizes fecundity and lasciviousness, but in rituals, robes from rabbit skins signify obedience and humility before the Great Spirit.

Rabbit is also a pre-Christian symbol of rebirth and renewal at the beginning of the vernal equinox. Emblem of the Teutonic goddess of spring and dawn Ostar or Eastra. Probably, the name of the Christian Easter holiday (Easter) comes from the name of this goddess.