What do red foxes eat ?


The main diet of red foxes is small rodents – mice and voles, which constitute one-third of the entire diet. Foxes can hunt small and large birds (partridges, geese, ducks, wood grouses), both wild and domestic, as well as chicks and eggs of birds. Sometimes a fox attacks small cubs of roe deer.

She also hunts rabbits and rabbits. Although fox and predator, but its diet includes several dozen plants. The total number of animals and birds on which the red fox hunts is about 300 species.

Depending on the habitat, foxes can catch salmon after spawning, in shallow water hunts for crayfish and fish, on the seashore pick up mollusks, crabs and other larger marine animals that are thrown to the seashore. Often foxes eat different insects, carrion, earthworms. Almost every fox has plant food in its diet – cereals, berries, fruits, fodder crops. In general, the nature of food and its variety vary greatly depending on the climatic and geographical conditions and subspecies of the population.

Red fox is a very good hunter, she is very fast and dexterous, despite very short legs. She leaves the chase with a gallop or with great leaps. Another way to move the fox is to spread out above the ground with its tail stretched out far. Dogs or wolves can be very difficult to catch up with a fox. Foxes – night predator, hunting from sunset to dawn. When the fox grows offspring, it hunts in the daytime, this period falls for the summer.