What do red pandas eat ?

The red panda is also a predator. However, this does not mean that the panda kills other animals to feed. 95% of the diet of the Little Panda is shoots and leaves of bamboo. However, the Red Panda can enjoy eggs of birds, small rodents and insects.

The digestive tract of the Red panda is a digestive tract of a common predator. Special studies have shown that the organism of the Lesser Panda assimilates not more than one quarter of the energy contained in the eaten bamboo leaves. Like the Great Panda, Little Panda can not digest cellulose, so it eats more bamboo than leaves, for example.

In the cold winter season, when the amount of bamboo is significantly reduced, the Little Panda adds berries, bird eggs, mushrooms to its normal diet, otherwise the panda simply will not get enough nutrients. However, in spring and summer, when the amount of bamboo and leaves is unlimited, the Lesser Panda should eat more than 1.5 kg of leaves and 4 kg of young bamboo shoots per day.