What do servals eat ?

Servals, mostly twilight animals; The peak of their hunting activity falls on 4-5 am and 10-11 pm. Their main prey are rodents, rabbits, damans and small antelopes, as well as flamingos, guinea fowls and other birds. Large ears and well-developed hearing helps them to track down rodents and lizards, and long limbs facilitate the advancement in high grass savannas and help to look over it. Each photoreceptor simultaneously perceives color, shape and movement.

Despite the long strong legs, the servoval can not pursue the prey for long. His way of hunting is similar to the hunting tactics of another feline-caracal. Hunting serval in the tall grass; If necessary, makes large vertical jumps, knocking off the flying birds. Rodionov often digs, ripping holes, and behind tree-littered dams he climbs trees. Can swim. Servals are very effective hunters; An average of 59% of their attacks result in the capture of prey.

Servals lead a single way of life. Clashes between them are rare. In case of danger, they prefer to hide or flee, making unexpected jumps or abruptly changing the direction of the race, rarely climb trees.