What do Siberian Tigers eat ?

Despite the tremendous strength and developed sense organs, the Siberian tiger has to devote a lot of time to hunting, as only one of 10 attempts ends successfully. The tiger crawls to his victim crawling, while moving in a special way: arching his back and resting his back paws on the ground. Small animals, he kills, gnawing through his throat, and large ones first fell to the ground and only then he bites the cervical vertebrae.

If the attempt fails, the Siberian tiger is removed from the potential victim, as it repeatedly attacks repeatedly. Killed prey tiger usually drags to the water, and before going to sleep hides the remains of the meal. He often has to drive away competitors. The tiger eats lying, holding the booty with its paws. Specialization of tigers – hunting for large ungulates, but on occasion they do not disdain also fish, frogs, birds and mice, and eat fruits of plants. The basis of the diet is composed of the deer, spotted and noble deer, roe deer, wild boar and small mammals. The daily norm of a tiger is 9-10 kg of meat. For the successful existence of one tiger, about 50-70 ungulates a year are needed.

Despite the widespread opinion on cannibalism, the Amur tiger, unlike the Bengal tiger, rarely attacks a man and enters settlements. In fact, he tries in every possible way to avoid a person. Since the 1950s, in the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Krays, only about a dozen attempts to attack humans have been recorded within populated areas. In the taiga, attacks even on pursuing hunters are quite rare.

Life expectancy is about 15 years.

Puberty occurs from 4-5 years. The period of mating is not confined to a certain season. The female during her estrus leaves marks of urine and scratches on the bark of trees. Since the ownership of tigers is very large, the female often goes herself in search of a partner. She is ready for mating on the third or seventh day of estrus. Mating in tigers is multiple, at this time the animals stick together. Then the male leaves the female and goes in search of a new partner. After 95-112 days, 3-4 blind cubs are born. Mother feeds them with milk. Eyes of cubs open after about 9 days, and at two weeks old they begin to grow teeth. The cubs first leave the shelter at the age of two months. Mother brings them meat, although 5-6 months continue to feed with milk. From six months of the cubs, the mother is escorted during the hunt. The female teaches the cubs to hunt. This preparation for an independent hunting life lasts for months. Tiger cubs play a lot, which also helps them to learn the skills necessary for hunting. At one-year-old age cubs for the first time go on independent hunting, and by two years they are already able to overcome large prey. However, the first few years of his life the cubs are keeping with their mother. The tigress hunts along with the young tigers until they reach puberty.