What do snails drink ?

If it’s a  ground snail then it will drink something with food and, to a lesser extent, dew, it absorbs it through the surface of the skin. And if they are water snails they do not drink it at all. but enjoy the opportunity to live in their drinking. All snails have one big leg, located on the underside.

They have two eyes, which can be located both at the ends of the antennae, and at their base, and the mouth. It often expands into a tube, at the end of which there are small sharp teeth, with their help a snail can scrape off parts of plants

Some snails eat animal food. Oyster borer, for example, – a sea snail with a yellow shell – drills an oyster shell and feeds on its meat.

Snails and slugs breathe either with one lung or with gills. Those shells, which often have an excellent shape, stand out with a mantle. They usually represent the spiral turns that appear as the animal grows.