What do squirrels eat ?

The squirrels does not fully absorb cellulose, so the main part of their diet is vegetation, rich in fats and squirrels. Often eat nuts, seeds, fruits, berries, mushrooms, acorns, shoots and buds of trees. In addition to plant food, squirrels eat insects, frogs, beetles, lizards, eggs and chicks from different birds. Animal food prevails in the diet of the squirrel in the spring, when it is very difficult to find plant food. In hot countries, insects and small vertebrates replace nuts with proteins.

Squirrels like to make supplies from food for the winter, often forget about them, thereby helping other forest dwellers to refresh themselves with what they found.

Squirrel belongs to the genus of rodents. This small and pretty dexterous animal lives in almost all parts of the world except Australia and Antarctica.

All of the squirrel family have fluffy tails and an elongated body. The color and size of the squirrels living in different parts of the world are different. Also their color varies depending on the season. Twice a year the squirrel changes its coat, it happens in summer and in winter.

The habitat of most squirrels are forests, parks and squares. But there are exceptions to the rules, for example, the African earth squirrel, prefers to settle in the open areas of the savannah. The squirrels lead a solitary and sedentary way of life, protecting their small patch from the invasion of strangers.

Their nests, squirrels are built in hollows of trees or from dry branches in the form of a ball, where moss, leaves, grass and wool are applied. Female, before producing young, builds about 3 nests. The male does not build nests, but settles in the empty nests of females, forty, crows and thrushes. In cities, squirrels can even live in birdhouses.