What do tigers eat ?

All tigers are predators and the basis of their nutrition is meat. The tiger’s diet can depend only on the habitat. For example, the main prey of the Bengal tiger is wild boar, Indian zambar, nilgau and axis. Sumatran hunts wild boar, tapir and sambar deer. The Amur tiger eats musk deer, spotted and noble deer, roe deer, wild boar. Also, Indian buffaloes, moose, pheasants, rabbits, monkeys and even fish become the tigers. A hungry animal can eat frogs, rodents and other small animals. In addition to animal food, tigers and berries consume.

There are also facts that tigers eat and predators: leopards, crocodiles, wolves, boas and even Himalayan and brown bears and bear cubs. Most often in the battle with the bears enter the Amur tigers are males. Although such a fight can end in a lethal outcome, both for the tiger and for the bear, yet they enter the battle quite often.

In addition to the facts of the attack on the bears, there is information that tigers are attacking and the little elephants are elephants of the Indian elephant. Such a hunt is often crowned with success.

The animal hunts alone, attacking its prey from behind, making a leap and grabbing the prey by the neck. His prey even the largest size of a tiger can drag in the teeth at the right distance.