What do Whale Shark eat ?

With its huge size, the whale shark, fortunately for most inhabitants of the seas and oceans, is not dangerous. These fish have a varied menu, thanks to the inexhaustible reserves of water spaces.

The favorite dish of whale sharks is plankton, which consists of the smallest plants and marine life. The shark grabs its wide mouth with anything that comes across it on its way during walks close to the surface of the water.

Then, snapping in numerous teeth, which in some cases counts to 15,000 units, filters the water through the gill fins, and the small fish, algae, squid, anchovies, krill, mackerel, sardines and other edible fish that come with the water become lunch or dinner of a gluttonous giant shark .

A whale shark with an ominous open mouth, a flat broad muzzle, several rows of small and sharp teeth, is a terrible sight when it picks up the sea for food.

A huge predator is an inhabitant of the sea and the oceans, in which a dull muzzle with short mustaches protruding from the nostrils, back and sides of a gray-brown color with white spots among pale vertical and horizontal bands on the back and sides, completely white belly, and at the same time It has huge dimensions in length and width.

Whale sharks prefer warm tropical seas and oceans, which are full of plankton and small prey, but the inhabitants of the northern seas do not remain without feed.

“Winter Hibernation” and migration in the cold season allows the body of whale sharks to eat their own fat reserves and replenish it in any conditions, at any time of the year.

It’s no secret that whale sharks, having this appearance and dimensions sometimes more than 12 meters in length (can be compared to a long passenger bus!), Allow a person to even come close to them, make surveys, conduct observations and perform research.