What do wild turkeys eat ?

Wild turkey feeds on plant foods, preferring dry, caloric fruits: nuts, acorns, pine seeds, juniper berries. In addition, they willingly include in their diet small seeds of grasses, juicy berries of small shrubs, rhizomes, all kinds of insects, small toads, frogs, lizards and snakes. Adult birds eagerly eat green grass.

Feed the turkeys begin on the second day after birth. They are given steep, severely cut eggs; Soaked in milk white bread or boiled rice. Often the food is added, scalded in boiling water and crushed, nettle.

In small farms and small farms, turkeys are usually fed grain crops. It can be: oats, barley or buckwheat. Suitable for turkey fodder is also boiled and raw meat, potatoes and greens.


At a time when a lot of grass, turkeys enough to feed once a week. They eat in a variety of beetles, caterpillars, worms and pupae of insects, and thus bring immeasurable benefit to the gardens and gardens.