What do wolves eat ?

The wolf is a degenerate predator. Its main prey in the wild are artiodactyls: deer, moose, wild boar, musk ox, roe deer, antelope. In addition, the wolf likes to feast on birds, such as: pheasant, guinea fowl, partridge, wild geese and ducks. Do not disdain the beast and their chicks and eggs. Hunted wolves and the prey of a small size: rabbits, lemmings, voles and other small rodents. In difficult times, they can eat locusts, beetles, lizards, frogs and other reptiles.

Wolves living near the sea coasts eagerly eat the carcasses of seals and other marine life thrown to the shore. In addition, predators can return to the remnants of their feasts. In the summer in the forest wolves eat wild fruits, fruits, berries, mushrooms. In arid regions and steppes, raids are often made on fields with melons and watermelons, not so much to eat, but to quench your thirst.

Predators are more active at night in the daytime and their hunt is more frequent at this time of day, as the prey is more vulnerable and easy to catch. Seeking prey helps a sharp nose and good hearing.

Wolves often organize their hunting on domestic animals: sheep, deer, geese, chickens and other animals.