What do Yaks eat ?

I wonder what yaki eat in the harsh conditions of the highlands? Yak is a ruminant, so the physiology of their digestion has much in common with livestock. However, unlike the latter, they are able to quickly adapt to changing food conditions. They easily survive without food and water during days of long snowstorms. The main food of yaks in mountain meadows is various kinds of sedges, cobresia, as well as coarse branches and spines of woody plants.

Yaks usually do not form large herds. Most often they are kept in groups of 3-5 animals, and only young gather in several large herds. Old bulls lead a single way of life. However, according to the remarkable traveler NM Przhevalsky, who first described the wild yak, a herd of yak cows with small calves sometimes reached several hundred or even thousands of heads. It should be noted that adult yaks are perfectly armed, very strong and ferocious. Wolves decide to attack them only in exceptional cases, by a large flock and by deep snow. In turn, the yaki-bulls, without hesitation, attack the person pursuing them, especially if the animal is wounded. The forward yak holds his head and tail high with a flying sultan of hair.