What do Zebras eat ?

Their diet is based on grass growing in the African savannah. In addition to grass, animals can eat bark and leaves. Zebras have a fairly simple structure of the stomach and they do not chew food repeatedly. The protozoans, who live in the stomach of zebras and eat a large part of indigestible fiber, help them cope with poorly digestible food. The protozoa quickly grow and multiply, then, after getting into the intestines, digested, supplying the zebra with proteins and vitamins.

A family alliance with zebras is for life. If the leader of the group weakens or becomes old, then the young male expels him and himself occupies the dominant position.

Zebras have excellent memory and good eyesight. They will find out all their relatives and friends from the neighboring bands on strip patterning. The pattern of each zebra is individual and never repeats. Foals even on this trait find their mothers. To remember the color of his mother zebrenku need 3 days. Therefore, in the first days after the birth of the baby, the female does not admit the members of her group to the colt.