What eats lizards ?

The main natural hunters for lizards are: storks, snakes, kingfishers, cranes, shrouds, hoopoes, crows and small falcons. Today, representatives of these lizards inhabit Europe, Africa and in part – Asia. But you will not find them in Madagascar, in the southern regions of Asia and on the island territories in the Indian Ocean.

But, being once delivered to the US lands, lizards happily settled down there and successfully multiplied. Real lizards prefer biotopes as forests, shrub thickets, steppes, semi-deserts, meadows, highlands, gardens, river banks and even precipices.

They are not afraid of the height and steep slopes, because these reptiles move equally well both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane.

Already from the name of arboreal agamas of the species Agama atricollis it is clear that nature, for sure, has adapted these lizards to the arboreal way of life. And above all, she gave them a patronizing color. Try to see the woody agama in the lush greenery of the tropical African forest – you are unlikely to succeed.