What eats sea otters ?

The main enemies of sea otters are killer whales (killer whales). The young otters are hunted by sharks, predatory seabirds and animals. Also the enemy is a man. The body is dense, cylindrical, oblong, and the paws are short and strong. The otters have thick, hard fur of a brownish color, a light belly and a muzzle.

Unlike other otters, having a soft undercoat, sea otters possess fur with thick hard hair. The front hair has a length of 20 mm, an undercoat of 12 mm. The structure of the fur allows the sea otter to keep the undercoat dry at a time when the animal is wet.

Perhaps this animal has the thickest wool of all mammals, because the number of woolen hairs per square inch reaches 10,000. The fat otter does not have fat, and fur is its only way to keep body temperature in cold water. This animal sleeps, eat and multiply in water. Hold your breath the sea otter in a state of up to 6 minutes, which can not fail to impress.

Sea otter feeds on fish, shellfish and crustaceans. She eats small prey in the water, a large one – she takes it to the shore and eats it there.