What fruits can guinea pigs eat ?

Fruits are the richest source of vitamins not only for people, but also for representatives of the animal world. And for such avid vegetarians as guinea pigs, this is also an indispensable item on the menu. For rodents, this is the main source of vital energy!

Unfortunately, many breeders regard this issue irresponsibly, since sellers in pet stores or in bird markets often lie, just to sell their “goods” as soon as possible. According to the sellers, they have enough granulated food and vegetables 2-3 times a week. This is completely wrong. Let’s figure out what juicy fruit treats you can please your pet.

If you have a private garden or garden, feed your pets with your own food.

If this is not possible, you can buy fresh vegetables and greens in shops or in the bazaar. But do not feed the pigs stale, overripe or rotten foods, as their intestines and stomach are extremely sensitive. If you do not eat it yourself, then do not offer a pet!