What is a baby zebra called ?

A baby zebra called a foal. At the age of two a young female can already lead offspring. Zebra are usually mated during the rainy season. Pregnancy of the female lasts a year, usually one cub is born, very rarely two.

Within half an hour a newborn baby stands on the legs, and just an hour can run after his mother. The colt feeds on the milk of the mother for up to a year, although already at the age of two months it’s quietly plaiting the grass.

Zebras like to lie in the dust. So they bathe and get rid of parasites. Striped horses are friends with a small bird called a bovine woodpecker. She sits on a zebra and chooses her beak from harmful insects.

Zebra quietly grazes in the company of other animals – buffaloes, antelopes, gazelles, giraffes and even ostriches.

In the wild, the striped horse survives to 30 years, in captivity – to 45.