What is a female turkey called ?

A female turkey called a hen. Turkeys are successfully bred on farms and private farms, in areas with dry, warm or temperate climate. They do not like dampness and cold, so they contain birds, protected from wind and weather, rooms.

Usually in the poultry houses on the south side they make lazy, giving the turkey the possibility of free movement. Near the room a courtyard is arranged, walks are essential for the health of birds.

From nature, birds are perfectly capable of flying, so to keep them in a place of detention, sometimes they are pruned by wings, in other cases, they simply make high barriers or put them in closed farms.

Individuals of this species live in the wild. Among such representatives it is possible to distinguish mountain turkeys, relatives of domestic chickens and members of family pheasant. In appearance, the bird resembles the most common partridge. Distributed in the high mountains of the Caucasus, in parts of Asia and in Southern Siberia.

A wondrous fleshy process, also hanging from the beak, which also reacts nervously to the mood by increasing several times, is also a wonderful sign of the bird.

A similar appendage of much larger sizes and eloquently gives out the mood of the male. When the turkeys are angry, the birds spread their winged wings and begin to walk in circles, making bubbling sounds, while the tail feathers of the tail rise and form in the form of a fan.