What is a male turkey called ?

A male turkey called a tom or a gobbler. Mountain turkeys are called stalks differently. Unfortunately, due to the rare properties and medicinal value of its meat, this amazing bird has undergone significant destruction. In Russia it is listed in the Red Book.

As a rule, turkeys are bred and contain only up to three years, as long as they are able to carry eggs in large quantities. Although fully they are born only the first year. Further, this ability decreases year by year: the second by 40%, and the third year by 60%.

The period of cultivation of turkeys usually does not exceed a year. Further they become awkward and heavy and are not suitable for mating.

Meat of turkey is extremely popular and easily absorbed by the body. Scientists claim that turkey meat is much more useful than chicken, so it is recommended for diets for various diseases.

They do not have a feather cover, and the fluff on the body is not able to protect the turkey from the cold. Until the appearance of outgrowths on the neck and throat, as well as the reddening of the skin on the head, the turkeys remain sensitive to dampness and drafts. The ability to regulate heat emission appears in them approximately only one and a half weeks after birth.