Where do badgers live ?

The habitat covers almost the whole of Europe. Over the Ural mountains, the beast can be found almost throughout the entire territory of Russia (except for extreme northern and arid regions). It is also distributed in China, the Korean peninsula and Japan.

Thus, according to the habitat, the following varieties can be distinguished:

European badger;

The Asian badger.

This animal often settles in mixed forests. Avoids open steppes and deserts, as well as deaf taiga forests. The badger’s dwelling is located in such places where there are a lot of grass and shrubs, and the soil does not freeze and is not flooded. Where badgers live, nearby there is always some kind of pond: a lake, a swamp, a river.

Unlike all other kunyas, badgers are wonderful earthmen. Their holes are often dig on the slopes of hills, yars, especially if they are covered with a thick undergrowth or have a very developed grass cover, where badgers skillfully mask the entrance holes in the burrow. Badger burrows of the ordinary always have a complex structure. It is a labyrinth with wide and deep passages, which sometimes has more than a dozen output and entrance apertures. Usually one or two carefully trampled paths lead to a depth of two to three meters, where at a distance of more than 8 meters from the entrance the badger arranges his habitation, well lining it with dry leaves. Although usually in the daytime badgers rest in the hole, but in the summer they often dnyut somewhere in the midst of shrubs on the surface of the earth.