Where do brown bears live ?

The brown bear is one of the known large predators on the planet. Large specimens of this animal are found mainly in the Far East, Kamchatka, Primorye, Alaska and Kodiak Island.

Small representatives of brown bears live in the Caucasus and in the Carpathians. In small quantities, this predator is widespread in the forests of the Cen- trarian Alps, the Pyrenees Mountains, the Apennines, the Scandinavian Peninsula, Yugoslavia, Poland, the Czech Republic and other European countries. Also there are its populations in Asia:



Northern China.

Fine feel brown bears in North America.

Brown bears can occupy a variety of habitats, ranging from the desert to forests, as well as in snow-covered areas of the planet and in the highlands. In North America, this animal lives in the tundra and on the shoreline. Alpine meadows are suitable for him.

In Siberia, bear populations live mainly in forests. On the European part of the Eurasian continent, the range of brown bears is limited to mountain forests. The main requirement in the issue of predator dwelling is the presence of a landscape that would provide shelter in the daytime.

In the thickets of brown bear the bear finds refuge for itself, but on open spaces it feeds. All summer the bears settle down for rest directly on the ground, having covered in a moss or among a grass in enough secluded places.

With the advent of autumn, the animal begins to search for a winter refuge. It can be spruce branches, a heap of trained moss, earth lairs, rock crevices and mountain caves.