Where do clownfish live ?

In natural conditions, the clownfish  inhabits the waters in the Pacific and Indian oceans. A significant population is observed near the territory of East Africa, and also lives near the coastal zone of Japan and the Polynesian islands. A large number of clownfish  can be found near the reefs of the eastern part of Australia.

There are about thirty kinds of clownfish all over the world. In the natural habitat, the sea-fish clown is able to live for about ten years, but aquarium amphiprians, when creating comfortable conditions, usually live 1.5-2 times longer than wild relatives.

The shores of Papua New Guinea are rich in coral reefs and Anemones, where life is teeming.

In these seas there is the largest variety of clowns, often even several species on one reef.

In an aquarium, a clown fish is rather inactive. Given this feature, it is not recommended to keep them together with aggressive fish.

To live in captivity and stay healthy, they do not need Anemones, but their presence makes it possible to observe the interesting behavior of fish.