Where do cockroaches live ?

Cockroaches prefer to live in secluded and inaccessible places, where they will not be easy to get. Most often they can be found behind / under the fridge, under the baseboard, under the sinks, washbasins and in various slots. Hide in such “holes” pests are not one by one, but by groups.

The mode of these insects is arranged so that during the day they hide in their holes and in the kitchen or in the bathroom do not appear.

Carry out of their “hiding places” cockroaches begin at night and early in the morning, when the owners are still asleep. During this time they have time to eat crumbs and food, which can easily be found on the floor or kitchen tables.

If you see cockroaches during the day – this means that the population of their colony is much larger than the capacity of the cracks and it is necessary to take urgent measures to remove them.

Cockroaches are very tenacious creatures. They are able to do without food for up to 40 days and eat practically everything that comes under their feet.

The main condition for the survival of these insects is water, so they prefer to settle where there is open access to water. In apartments it is, most often, a kitchen and a bathroom. After access to water will be ensured, insects will begin to inspect the territory in search of food. Their digestive system is designed so that they are able to eat almost any organic food.