Where do dragonflies live ?

Dragonfly is found on the European continent, in Asia, Africa and America. It is also present on the Australian mainland.

Usually the insect lives near the ponds. This is understandable, since it is in the water that dragonflies lay eggs. Insects can be found next to rapid mountain streams or on standing ponds, near quiet lakes, wide rivers and near canals. Some species of insects like to be near marshes with dark and sour water.

In the summer, some species of dragonflies prefer open glades where they bask among shrubs in the sun. Dragonflies love warm, fine days, with cloudy weather they try to hide somewhere in cover. They can be seen on fields and meadows, fringes, but there must be water nearby.

Dragonfly refers to the most ancient kinds of insects. Its “genealogy” is about 330 million years old. Today, 5000 species of these living beings live in the world.