Where do eagles live ?

There are several different types of eagles. In most cases, these birds are the inhabitants of the temperate and subtropical zone of Eurasia. Eagles can be found in the territory from Scotland to Mongolia, Kazakhstan and India. The tailed variation of birds lives in Australia. Crested and comb eagles are found in the territory of Africa. With this, the most widespread species is the steppe eagle, which inhabits the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey.

The habitat of this species of birds is also determined by the individual characteristics of the species. The steppe eagle is a frequenter of steppe and semi-steppe zones. Also eagles can live in dense forests or open coastal areas. The proximity of rivers, lakes and marshes attracts this bird. Some species of eagles can freely inhabit the desert or worm their nests high in the mountains.

The steppe eagle prefers the steppes and semi-deserts that lie in the expanse from Transbaikalia to the coastal regions of the Black Sea. Most often it occurs on the territory of Kazakhstan. This resident of an open, not plowed up steppe can also settle on cultivated lands, but much less often. This species of eagles is on the list of birds listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Among the factors reducing its number – the opening of virgin lands and a reduction in the number of ground squirrels, which are their main prey.