Where do foxes live ?

The fox inhabits the five continents: Eurasia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia. Animals inhabit different geographical landscapes of steppe, desert, tundra, forests, not the exception of steel and the outskirts of cities. The fox feels great, being near human dwellings, and even learned how to take advantage of this neighborhood.

Reptiles, beetles. In winter, the basis of nutrition is made up of field mice. The number of mice directly depends on the number of foxes.

In large mammals, the fox does not hunt often, but does not miss the opportunity to eat small bunnies or cubs. She also loves bird egg laying with their inhabitants, wood grouses, geese, partridges, and hunts for smaller birds.

In addition to animals, the fox eats plants, berries, fruits and fruits. In places where salmon are found, foxes consume them. When there is a lack of food, they feed on carrion.