Where do herons live ?

Egyptian heron is found mainly in the Southern Hemisphere. Recently I was seen at the mouth of the Volga. Widespread in Africa, where it extends from the southern regions of the continent to the east coast and Senegal. It also inhabits the South Asian territories. It is found in the B. Sunda Islands, the Philippines and southern Japan. White herons are more widespread and are found everywhere, except for Antarctica. Especially there are a lot of them in Africa. On the territory of Russia there are mainly three species – gray, small and large white herons.

The gray heron is prevalent mainly in Asia, Europe (in countries with a temperate climate), inhabiting zones from the Japanese islands and Sakhalin to the coast of the Atlantic Ocean (north to Yakutsk and St. Petersburg, to the south to Ceylon and northwestern Africa ). Red-eyed heron is found in the southern regions of the Iberian Peninsula – its nesting places go to Pakistan and Iraq via Hungary and the entire Balkan peninsula. It can also be found in Hindustan, Indochina, China, Ceylon and Primorye. In the east covers the territory of Taiwan, Ryuko, Philippine Islands, in the south – M. Sunda Islands and Sulawesi. It is not rare in Africa.

Any heron lives, first of all, in the swampy terrain. However, the specifics in this case depends most on the species to which the heron belongs. For example, Egyptian herons can live among the herds of hoofed animals (hippos, rhinoceroses, etc.), on whose backs they spend most of their time. The gray heron is a typical representative of birds, which are found along lakes, streams, rivers and marshes. In this case, the brackish water does not matter to them. For herons, the main factor is the presence of shallow water. The white heron settles near water bodies located both inside the continent and near the sea. Its favorite places for habitation are mangroves, salt and fresh lakes, beaches, floodplains, marshy lowlands. It also occurs among agricultural landings, in the fields, along the drainage canals.