Where do hummingbirds live ?

Hummingbirds, the smallest bird on our planet, lives in the expanses of North and South America. Hummingbirds are a true miracle of nature, a record holder in the world of birds with surprisingly bright, charming plumage. The average size of these crumbs from the tip of the tail to the tip of the beak is 7.5-13 cm.

Three hundred years ago, Europeans took these birds for insects. Today you can count about 330 species of hummingbirds. All of them are characterized by maneuverability, mobility, and high (up to 80 km / h) flight speed, the ability to hang in the air.

Most hummingbirds live in South America and in southern North America. The exception is ruby-brown hummingbird: it is common in Canada and the Rocky Mountains. Due to harsh conditions, representatives of this species make seasonal flights to Mexico. The remaining species of these birds lead a sedentary lifestyle, preferring to settle in damp forests and mountain meadows with an abundance of flowers.

By nature, hummingbirds are very active, singles. Daytime they spend in search of food. At night, with the cooling of the air, the birds fall into a stupor, their vital processes are inhibited, the body temperature drops to 17-21 ° C. With the first rays of the sun, the birds “come to life.”

During the mating period, hummingbirds lay nests on trees and bushes, using instead of building material grass, wool, spiderwebs, moss.