Where do leopards live ?

The habitat of leopards is located in Asia and Africa. On the African continent, these animals meet from the Cape of Good Hope to the semi-deserts of Morocco. They do not live in this territory only in the deserts of Sahara and Namib, where there is no access to fresh water. In Asia, the leopard lives in the southern part of the Near East and in the southern half of East Asia.

The Eurasian subspecies of leopards resides in the territories of the following countries: Iran, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russian Federation (North Caucasus and Karabakh). The area on which they live is: subalpine meadows, leaf forests or thickets of shrubs.

The South Arabian leopard lives on the Arabian Peninsula. Once this subspecies was quite prosperous and met throughout the Middle East, today this subspecies is on the verge of extinction. The subspecies is between 200 and 250 individuals.

The Indian leopard lives in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, in the north of India and the south of China. Lives in the tropical, deciduous and northern coniferous forests, and also lives in the highlands at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level.

Far Eastern leopards are found in mountainous and forested areas on the territory of Russia, North Korea and China. The area on which this subspecies resides is only 10 000-15 000 km ². In the wild, there are only about 50 individuals.

North-Chinese leopard inhabits the northern part of China in forests and mountains.

The Ceylon leopard lives throughout the island of Sri Lanka, it is considered the largest predator on the island.

The Javanese leopard lives on the island of Java. But because of the overpopulation of the island, the fodder base of the animal is reduced, as a result of which the subspecies of the Javanese leopard disappears. In total there are about 250 Javanese leopards.