Where do meerkats live ?

Live meerkats in the desert savannas of South Africa. Most often, a family of meerkats can be found in the desert areas of Namib and Kalahari. Also animals live in other territories of Namibia, Angola, Botswana and South Africa.

The habitats of the meerkats are desert and plain savannahs with a small number of trees and shrubs. The meerkats live in places with hard soil practically devoid of herbaceous vegetation. Such types of soil are most suitable for building tunnels and searching for food.

The burrows of the meerkats sometimes reach a depth of 2 meters. On the territory of the clan of underground tunnels there can be up to 1000 pieces, but the entire family lives in the main burrow. It is necessarily equipped with several outputs and inputs, and is often combined with other tunnels. The location of the main shelter can be changed due to visiting the home by unwanted guests or contamination by parasites. The meerkats leave their former home not far, about a distance of one two kilometers. Moving the family to a new place begins after the completion of the morning meal. Upon arrival to the new house until nightfall, the whole family surreptitiously takes over the work and cleans the entrance entrances and exits of the new burrow.