Where do moles live ?

Moles are earth-working creatures living underground and, as a consequence, perfectly adapted to this way of life. They are being cleared by powerful paws with large claws flattened in the upper part. These moles loosen the hard ground and break through the hole.

Moles spend most of their life looking for food. Like any insectivore warm-blooded, they have a very fast metabolism. Therefore, they must constantly look for food. The molehills sometimes stretch for several kilometers and become obsessed with a complex system of labyrinths, through which only the mole can climb.

A distinctive feature of the mole body is the magnificent wool. Unlike most animals, moles moult 3 times a year, which is due to the constant wiping of fur on the tunnel wall. One of the features of this fur coat is the non-directionality of the pile. Due to this moles can freely move back and forth through their tunnels, without experiencing resistance of their own fur.

Moles live separately in large burrows. A female mole brings from 5 to 10 cubs and grows them in a burrow. Within 2 months, animals feed with their mother, and then begin digging their own tunnel tunnels. Moles are active all year round and 24 hours a day. They do not go into hibernation and tirelessly work on creating new lazes.