Where do moose live ?

The range of its distribution is huge. It occurs in Europe, Asia and North America from the border of the tundra in the north to the forest-steppe areas in the south. In prehistoric times, moose were the basis of nutrition of primitive people along with deer, tours (primitive bulls) and mammoths. Now, in many parts of its range, moose have been destroyed. For example, in Western Europe, they can be found only in Scandinavian countries.

Moose are especially forested animals. On the one hand, they tend to dense and impassable forests, on the other – often forced to feed on the fringes and thickets along the banks of rivers. In North America moose often visit and populated areas.

Moose lead a single way of life and even during the rut do not form large clusters. They feed on moose mostly with branches of trees and shrubs. In some forest nurseries, moose are pests because they can swallow a couple of hectares of young pines during the winter.