Where do pumas live ?

Puma is a foreign representative of large wild cats. There lives cougars in North and South America, inhabiting a fairly large area, from Yukon (Canada) to Patagonia (South America).

The puma animal lives in mountainous areas and is not afraid of high altitude. Also prefers living in coniferous and tropical forests, found in marshes and plains.

Cougars are almost universal, they easily move along mountain slopes and rocks, perfectly climb trees and can swim well in the water. An animal cougar is able to adapt to life in any locality.

Adult cougars often choose life alone, exceptions are mothers with kittens and couples of the mating season. In the wild, cat-puma lives up to 20 years.

Cougar is a skilled hunter and an excellent predator. Has a very keen sight, so the puma hunts in the twilight and the dark time of the day. In some cases, goes hunting on the day. This predatory cat has its own hunting tactic, she is a great strategist.