Where do rats live ?

Rats are spread all over the world, that is, they are cosmopolitans. And a man helped them in this. Now no one can say when mice and rats became companions of people, but many ancient civilizations have already suffered from these rodents. The most amazing thing is that people, so long ago started fighting with rats, still could not win over them. At present, we can not even contain the continued spread of animals. The study of their habits and biology is still vital. Continues and the development of new traps, poisons and baits separately for each of their kind. The fact is that in different species the sensitivity to poisonous substances is very different, and the poisons, acting, say, on the parrots, are harmless for black rats.

Rats are unpretentious and choose the most optimal options in a particular situation for the arrangement of their living space. Most suitable for them are rooms where people appear relatively rarely: cattle farms, farms, chicken coops, granaries and so on. If these are not nearby, rats can arrange their nests, for example, in freezers, where the temperature is kept at minus 18-20 ° C.

Mother gnaws in the frozen carcass notch, pulls in it rope from tags, random trash, films from meat, tendons and creates a nest, successfully feeding their babies. On the other hand, the space behind the lining of steam boilers is also suitable, where the temperature level can be 40-50 ° C above zero. They also found rat nests.