Where do shrimp live ?

Shrimp belongs to the infraorder of crustaceans of the order of decapods. Initially, they lived in the seas and oceans, but now they can be found in salt lakes and even in fresh water. Where exactly do shrimps live and how do they differ? It turns out that their sizes and taste qualities directly depend on the locations of the dislocation. In the equatorial region there is a large number of shrimps of various species. The closer to the poles of the Earth, the fewer these species. At the same time, the size of each individual copy decreases simultaneously with the number.

Thermal shrimp can be easily found, caught and eaten in equatorial countries, for example, in Kenya, Brazil, Ecuador or in the homeland of the world’s most famous pirates – in Somalia. Here, in the Pacific Ocean, at a water temperature of + 25 … + 30 ° C, there are the largest (reaching a size of 30 centimeters) and tasty shrimps on the globe – they are also called royal shrimps. For the inhabitants of the Galapagos Islands, the production and export of these crustaceans is one of the main income items. But shrimps from the waters of Latin America are most valued all over the world, where they are bred on special farms. They meet the highest quality standards, because the owners and employees are proud of their irreproachable reputation and do not want to spoil it for anything.