Where do Siberian Tigers live ?

Siberian tigers, also known as Amur or Manchurian, are the largest representatives of the feline family on the planet and are among the 10 rarest animals in the world. Basically, they live in the Far East in Russia and in the northeast of China. In the wild there are only 400 individuals of this species.

Tigers are almost constantly in motion. Bypassing their territory, they are looking for prey. The boundaries of its site tigers, like other cats, marked with odorous marks. And they scrape the ground or, rising to their hind legs, rip off the bark from the trees. These “bully” can sometimes be found at an altitude of 2-2.5 meters above the ground.

Tigers are conservative – they use the same paths for years and if they have enough feed within their holdings, they never leave them.

The sizes of habitats of tigers are different. They depend on the sex and age of the animal and on how many hoofed animals are found in this area. Tigresses with small cubs, for example, use for life and hunting a much smaller area than single animals.

Siberian tiger has tremendous power and well-developed sense organs. At the same time, he has to devote a lot of time to hunting. Hunt tigers, mostly on large ungulates. To catch the victim, the tiger crawls toward its victim, arching its back and resting its hind paws on the ground. Only one out of ten attempts ends successfully. And if the throw failed, the tiger will prefer not to pursue the victim, but to look for a new one. When game in the forests becomes small, Amur tigers sometimes attack large livestock and dogs.