Where do squirrel monkeys live ?

Squirrel monkeys lives in the dense forests of South America.

It is usually arranged on flexible vines near water sources: on the banks of rivers and lakes. The food is served by flowers and fruits of coastal shrubs and trees, but the monkey-squirrel especially likes to eat different insects, which she catches directly on the fly.

To life on trees, as well as to existence in the water, in burrows, it is necessary to be adjusted: it is rather difficult to climb, and just sit, keeping on branches and trunks. Therefore, a squirrel monkey, which spends most of its life on trees, usually has strong, long, clawed down claws. They help to cling comfortably to branches and very cleverly climb trees.

The squirrel monkey has a rather tenacious tail: it wraps around the trunk, and even if the animal slides off the tree, it will hang on the tail and will again be able to climb up the trunk.

Sometimes the tail is so strong that the animal does not even use its paws to climb up: just the tail “crawls” higher and higher.