Where do Water Dragons live ?

Water Dragons are widespread in South-East Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam) and in South China. The Water Dragons are dwelling in moist rainforests, marshy areas, as well as in floodplains of rivers, streams and on the banks of reservoirs.

Water Dragons belong to a large family of Agamidae along with such species as the Bearded Agamas (Pogona vitticeps), Horned Agamas (Ceratophora), Thorn Tortoises (Uromastyx) and others. The genus Physignathus is represented by two main species: Physignathus cocincinus and Physignathus lesueurii (water leguans or Australian water agama).

The full name of the species Physignathus cocincinus in translation from Latin – Cochin Water Dragons. It is named after one of the habitats of Kohinha, but “watery” – because these individuals live near wet biotopes, swim, dive, and can even hide on the bottom of water bodies.

The size of the Water Dragons of a male can reach 110 centimeters in length along with the tail, and the size of females is 60-70 centimeters. The length of the tail is about half the size of the lizard. Males also have a stronger build and larger head sizes. However, size is not the only difference between males and females of the species Physignathus cocincinus. The main distinguishing feature of males of water agam is the pronounced occipital and dorsal-caudal crests. Crests can also be present in females, but they are less noticeable. Also, the color of the throat of males is brighter than that of females. At the edges of the cheeks of males, sharp spines are well developed.