Where do Weasels live ?

Where do black weasels live? The population is widespread on the European continent, captures the whole of Western Europe, is found in Ireland and the UK. In Russia, the range stretches from the western borders to the Urals. Only in the Caucasus, at the mouth of the Volga and in the north of Karelia and the Far North does not live.

The appearance of black weasels is also called forestry, since for housing animals choose a terrain with small woodlands, groves, replacing fields and meadows. There is a small animal on the fringes and glades with a sparse vegetation. He prefers living near swamps, lakes and floodplains.

In winter, hunger and frost make wild weasels move closer to the human dwelling, they are housed in barns, on farmyards, in stables. With the onset of spring they again go into the forest.

People in rural areas have a negative attitude towards the beast, wild weasels often attack hen-houses, destroying chickens and chickens.

Forest species refer to valuable fur-bearing animals, but they are not hunted, since the population is small.