Where do White Tigers live ?

The habitat of white tigers is not as significant as we would like. The regions inhabited by white Bengal tigers include: India (northern and central regions), Nepal, Bangladesh and Burma. Because of the constant hunting for these extraordinary creatures, now all the individuals of this species are in relative captivity.

Tigers of such a vivid coloring are hard to exist, for camouflage, like other predators, does not have white tigers. This affects both the ability to hunt, and to find them natural enemies. Therefore, the species prefers to exist in shady bamboo thickets, most favorably near rivers or other water bodies.

Tigers are considered single, so each individual has a personal space. While males jealously guard the borders from each other, the females calmly coexist. At certain times of the year, males calmly perceive females on their territory, and sometimes share their provisions with female individuals.