Where zebras come from ?

The entire territory of South-East Africa is a permanent habitat for zebras. Savannas of the Eastern and Southern Africa have chosen for themselves plains zebras. The territory of South-West Africa was preferred by mountain zebras.

In Kenya and Ethiopia, desert zebras live. Fodder conditions may vary due to weather. In droughty times the zebra migrates to a more humid territory. Sometimes they can travel a distance of 1000 km. Inhabit zebras in those places in which a sufficient amount of plant food.

An animal with the legs of a zebra exists. This giraffe and antelope, with which they sometimes cooperate and graze together, are common flocks. Thus, it is much easier for them to notice the danger looming on them and to flee.

The main enemies of zebras are lions, spotted hyenas and hyena dogs. Sometimes the herds are attacked by leopards and cheetahs, and during the watering – crocodiles. Single-breeders develop a running speed of up to 60 km / h, so they have a chance to escape. An animal caught by surprise tries to fight back, but if the attack is massive, the zebra is doomed to be eaten. Very often predators attack lagging weak zebras and foals. People also hunt striped herbivores because of their beautiful skins, and the natives because of nutritious meat.