Wolverines – information

Wolverines are predators, in the diet of which a significant role is played by carrion. These animals have a very sharp nose, sight and hearing, they follow the bloody track and eat up the remains of animals killed by bears, lynxes, wolves. At the same time, wolverines can themselves attack deer, roe deer, musk deer, elk, mountain sheep. Often, wolverines dare attack even small predators (martens, foxes, weasels), although they often catch prey more easily (squirrel, porcupines), pick up eggs of birds, eat insects, berries, roots.

They are attacked more often by young, sick or weakened by hunger beasts, wolverine pursuit runs, despite the small speed of the run, the wolverine is very hardy and takes its victim by the sea. Wolverine can eat a large amount of meat at a time, even more it hides in reserve, burying pieces of meat in the snow or forest litter. Even the Latin name of Wolverine in translation means “insatiable”.

it often kills young individuals. People have long been disliked and afraid of Wolverine. On the one hand Wolverine attributed incredible gluttony (and therefore harm to hunters), on the other hand, to destroy this predator was not easy. Glad was that wolverines are few in number and they do not have to deal with them often. In fact, wolverines play the most important role of foresters, with their help, the taiga is cleared of corpses and sick individuals that can be the carriers of infections.

In some areas, they practiced limited production of wolverines  for the sake of fur, which, however, did not receive widespread use. At the same time, wolverines caught alive, quickly got used to the man, in captivity these animals seemed to be transformed, completely losing their unsociability and aggressiveness. However, in zoos often there are cases of death of calves, therefore here wolverines are still rare inhabitants. Hand wolverine became the main character of the film “Running Free” (we are known by the names “Running Free”, “Free Hunter”), in which she demonstrated great tricks and skills of communication with people. Also this animal is considered an unofficial symbol of the state of Michigan.