Wolverine is a large predatory animal, the second largest in the family of cunies. Wolverine is related to other members of this family: martens, otters, sea otters, badgers, skunks, ferrets, and yet not like any of these animals. There is only one kind of wolverine.

The length of the wolverine reaches 70-105 cm, while the length of the tail is 18-23 cm, it weighs 9-19 kg. Outwardly, it resembles both a furry dog ​​and a badger badger. The head of the glutton is relatively small, like all cunts, the ears are short and round, but not drowning in the wool, the teeth are large and sharp. The paws of this animal are a bit bearish-wide, with long claws. Like a wolverine bear walks, leaning on the whole foot, deftly climbs trees.

Wolverine wool is long and thick, though rough, but smooth to the touch, it is interesting that in winter the wool of this beast never fades. The color of the wolverine is dark brown, the strips pass over the forehead and along the sides of the body. Their color can vary from pure white to grayish and yellowish, the shape of these bands is also very variable, so that some animals may look completely dark or, conversely, gray. Sexual dimorphism is not expressed, males and females look the same.

Wolverines dwell in the cold regions of Europe, Asia, and North America. In the north, the wolverine range covers the southern part of the tundra, in the south it reaches the zone of broad-leaved forests, but its favorite habitats are the vast taiga open spaces in both hemispheres. Despite the wide spread of wolverine, nowhere forms dense populations, so even in native places for it to meet with this beast is difficult.

Wolverines have individual sections of huge sizes (up to 2000 km² per individual!) And constantly wander through them, besides, they can leave habitual habitats for lack of fodder and then they can be found far beyond the range boundaries (for example, in broad-leaved forests of Ukraine). In general, these animals are avid loners, small clusters (of 2-3 individuals), they can form only near a large prey.

The nature of this beast is cautious and bold at the same time. The places inhabited by people are wolverines categorically avoided and only in remote areas where they are little disturbed can visit the outskirts of villages, they hunt more often in the twilight, in the afternoon they hide in a den under the roots of trees or in crevices of rocks. But with regard to other species of animals, Wolverine behaves boldly, and although it avoids direct collision with large predators (bears, wolves), but it can easily drive away the fox, lynx or attack a large ungulate. Wolverines are a little sullen and unsociable, with an equal ratio of the forces of food competitors, they frighten a grin or a hoarse roar. Among themselves, these animals echo a coarse bark, similar to the yowling of a fox.