African pygmy hedgehog

The African pygmy hedgehog does not occur in the wild. This is a kind of man-made art! Fashion on the hedgehogs got to Russia from the USA and Canada, but even the most inquisitive and understanding in genetics and biology, the hedgehogs did not give an exact answer in online publications: who exactly, in what city, in what year and in what way did the first African hedgehogs.

One of the references points out that the ancestors of the hero of our story were the Algerian and the white-fronted hedgehogs: animals with a very similar genome, exteriors, ecology and lifestyle. These hedgehogs differ only in the size of the “mask” on the muzzle, the shape of the ears and the insignificant difference in size.

By way of both intraspecific and interspecific crossing of Algerians and white-headed people, man managed to get a lot of bright and beautiful morphs (colors) of African dwarf hedgehog.

Hedgehogs love everything, but to have a copy of the animated cartoon charm in their homes – they are afraid (and rightly so). So today we will tell you about the miracle hedgehog, which is a pleasure to keep.

He does not stomp, does not smell, does not show aggression towards a person and lives, by the way, much longer than most small cell pets (for example, decorative rodents, and a hedgehog is a representative of a detachment of insectivores): about 5-8 years. Fashion on dwarf hedgehogs is just starting to gain momentum, but, undoubtedly, this charming pet has a great future.