Are elephants herbivores ?

Yes, elephants are herbivores. Elephants are fed with plant food – branches of trees and shrubs, leaves and fruits. The elephant eats up to 100 kg of feed per day. Elephants chew food with large molar teeth, which change as they get squeezed.

In search of food they are helped by tusks – a pair of giant incisors protruding from the mouth. In African elephants, their size can reach 2-3 m, the Indian elephant tusks are shorter and occur only in males.

Elephants use tusks as levers for trimming trees, and also use them in battles for the female. African elephants tusks peel the bark of the baobabs in search of juicy loose wood.

Lack of salt, animals replenish with lice (salt that came to the surface of the earth). In captivity, elephants eat grass and hay. They will never give up apples, bananas, cookies and bread. Excessive love for sweets can lead to health problems, but sweets of the most diverse varieties are the most favorite treat.