Are hedgehogs soft ?

Yes, but only baby hedgehogs are soft. Ordinary hedgehog belongs to the family of hedgehogs and is a representative of the genus of forest urchins. The distribution area of ​​hedgehogs is very wide and covers the territories of Europe, Western Siberia.

It is often found in the Amur region, north-western Kazakhstan and in Asia Minor. In Latin, the ordinary hedgehog means nothing but a “prickly barrier.”

The adult hedgehog is endowed with five to six thousand needles, which have a brownish color; the number of teeth on the lower jaw is equal to sixteen, and on the upper jaw it is twenty. On the paws there are five fingers that are endowed with sharp claws. Middle fingers are longer, with their help ordinary hedgehogs take care of their thorns.

Ordinary hedgehogs, choosing their place of life, avoid continuous coniferous massifs and marshes. Habitats of common hedgehogs can be found in small glades, copses, fringes or floodplains of rivers. Easily get along in the immediate vicinity of a person, so it can often be seen in gardens and parks.