Can guinea pigs eat blueberries ?

A couple of berries 1-2 times a week. It is possible to feed guinea pigs with branches and leaves of blueberries as well. 200-300 gr in cucumbers of various vegetables and greens is quite capable of satisfying the needs of adult guinea pigs (I recall that these calculations are given in grams per pig weighing 1 kg) in nutrients.

The minimum portion is approximately 150 grams. in a day. It should be borne in mind that most should be eaten by the time of the next feeding! With a varied diet, mumps have the possibility of selective eating, i.e. eat what is required at the moment to their body.

The daily diet should consist of at least 5 different varieties of vegetables and greens to prevent nutritional deficiencies. In summer, with an unlimited supply of green food, a portion of vegetables can be reduced. The necessary amount of vegetables depends largely on the quality and composition, and the needs of the mumps.

Not all new products can be given at once, it is necessary to accustom them to them gradually. It is important to take into account the balance of calcium / phosphorus, their ratio is optimally 1.5: 1 and the presence of vitamin C.