Can guinea pigs eat cauliflower ?

Cauliflower may cause bloating in uninvited animals, as well as due to individual intolerance to the body. Dry flowers, as well as dry leaves of trees and shrubs can be given in large quantities. Dry herbs can be stored in tin cans, thick-walled paper or cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, while avoiding dampness.

Closing plastic jars and plastic bags are not suitable, as they can contribute to the accumulation of moisture, which will lead to mold growth.

Bags made of different materials or thin cardboard boxes are not suitable for storage, because they can be attacked by moth larvae and mites. You can also buy herbs in pharmacies, pet stores or order online.

Guinea pig per day requires 10 ml of liquid for every 100 g of weight. When guinea pigs receive a lot of juicy food, they consume less water, some animals can not drink at all. But in any case, fresh water should always be in unrestricted access. Ideally, filtered water of soft or medium hardness, poured into a bowl, should be offered.